Friends and chicken wings

Last Saturday we had something of a goodbye party for Tyler, who left yesterday to go back to the States. We started off in the Oxo, a “British pub” in Kanayama that has good happy hour deals. Afterwards we moved onto Yama-chan, a Nagoya institution that is famed for their chicken wings (tebasaki – themselves a Nagoya institution) where we continued to drink lots of beer and eat chicken wings. Jacob, who despite his extensive Nagoya Knowledge, had never been before, and is now a convert. Some snaps from the night:

Tyler’s happy with his wings

Meaghan and Kim Jacob about to drink tororo – a thick stachy concotion that for some reason is often served with raw fish.

Our new drinking buddies
We started playing a Japanese drinking game which involves saying a word, clapping twice, and then the next person has to say a word that starts with the next letter. This went surprisingly well, although it was obvious we were all teachers, since we tended to rely on words that were mainly used in the classroom!
Funny faces

Final photo
My night didn’t end when we left here and everyone went home, oh no siree. I ended up going on a rather mad adventure, but I’m saving that for the next post so you’ll have to wait till then :P


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