Kyushoku menu

At the start of every month, we are given a menu telling us what the school lunch will be. Here is a guide to what’s in each column, and if you’re studying Japanese it’s a great way to learn the names of food items, since everything is in hiragana or katakana so the kids can read it.

  1. The date
  2. The day of the week
  3. The carb option (bread, rice or noodles)
  4. The names of the dishes
  5. The ingredients that have protein in
  6. Fruits and vegetables
  7. Other ingredients – salt, oil, flour etc. (although it doesn’t go into very much detail)
  8. Total calories (it’s still hard to judge how many calories our adult portions have though – maybe an extra 150 – kyushoku is sadly quite calorific)
  9. Total grams of protein. Excellent that this is included.
At the bottom is a little article on eating manners, and a guide to what foods are in season.
Click here for a bigger version.

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