Nagoya Botanical Gardens

Last weekend I went to the Botanical Gardens in Nagoya. They are actually attached to Nagoya Zoo, and you have to buy a ticket that gives you entry to both, although at only 500 yen it’s not exactly wallet-shattering. This was lucky, since the zoo is typical of all Asian zoos in that it features a large collection of forlorn looking animals, miserably pacing around cells constrcuted from the finest concrete that 60’s Japan could provide. Grim. I walked through as fast as I could and headed over to look at lots and lots of FLOWERS! Yay!

Spring is here, and there was lots to see, so this post is really just an excuse to show you some of my photos ;) It was a beautiful clear day – warm enough not to need a jacket, and bright enough to make all the colours glow. Click here for the whole set, and if you can ID any of the flowers, please do add a comment!

This last camellia was perfect! A nice old man moved his SLR and tripod (all the old people seem to have fancy SLR set ups here!) out of the way to let me take it. Sadly I was rushing a bit to let him get back to it, so the focus is slightly off.
I have decided that I’ve learnt enough with my current camera (a Canon A710IS – excellent, if you’re in the market for a good point-and-click) and am going to get an SLR. I always shoot on manual these days, and feel comfortable enough with the aperture/shutter settings now that I think I would benefit from a more flexible and advanced setup. Am thinking of a second-hand Canon 40D or 50D, but depending on prices I might go mad and get a xD (x = a single digit numbe). They are cheaper here than in the UK – one of the few things that I can say that about! Now all I need to do is look at lenses, a subject about which I know nothing. Any ideas about a good quality starter lens?! Please do add a comment!

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