Special kyushoku! Friday 12th March

On Friday there was a special kyushoku, but only for the 6th grade, who are graduating. I get the impression that everyone loves kyushoku and as adults have happy memories of it, so they wanted the kids last Friday meal (traditaionally a day for good lunches) to be special. Lucky old me got to eat with Kato Sensei’s class, which was extra good because they are the class that I have spent the most time with. I’m not entirely sure of all the names of the dishes, but will do my best…

Clockwise from the gohan:
  • wakame suppu – wakame (seaweed) soup
  • tiramisu dezato – tiramisu dessert
  • wiinaa tamago yaki – sausage (wiener) omolette
  • ika – cuttlefish
  • ebi to edmame karaage – fried prawn and edamame balls
  • meatballs – I have no idea what these are called!
  • furutsu – fruit
  • kinako agepan – fried kinako (ground sweetened soya beans) bread
  • (centre) burokorii sarada – broccoli salad
Rating: 5/5! (especially as there were seconds – woo!)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yum, looks delicious!