Bye bye Mummy and Daddy!

Mum and Dad were due to fly home on Tuesday the 20th, but due to the volcano were stranded like many other Brits, and didn’t manage to get on a flight until Monday the 26th. This in itself was an achievement given that the airline originally said they would have to wait until May 5th! But Family Ninja are good negotiators and so luckily they managed to get on an earlier flight. For some of the days they were in Nagoya, which was great as it meant I could spend extra time with them, and continue to eat nice meals out! However for them it meant cancelling of various appointments back home, living out of a suitcase, being stuck in an air-conditioned hotel and of course having to spend lots of money on meals and entertainment. But now they are safely home, back to the house, garden, and their friends. Sadly, for mum it was also back to the dentist – boo! It was fantastic having them here, though, and showing them around all the places I love, and doing (and eating!) the things that make Japan such a great place to live. They both admitted they didn’t really know what to expect when coming over, but said whole-heartedly that it exceeded their expectations. I thought it would be fun to do a post-holiday “interview” of sorts, so watch this space for that. (And if you have any suggestions of questions, do post them in the comments!).

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