Kyushoku – Wednesday 21st April

Kyushoku - Wednesday 21st April
New schools = new lunches! Woohoo! After a terrible start of an awful meal comprising cat-food like chicken, potatoes and a bread roll (didn’t get a picture), things were much better the next day with this meal. You will notice that the milk at this Board of Education comes in cute glass bottles – yay! Sadly I haven’t managed to get hold of a copy of the Japanese menu yet, so for now you will have to put up with my approximate guesses as to what things are.
So, anti-clockwise from the gyunyu:
  • Mugi gohan – this is rice with barley added, for extra nutritional value and fibre
  • Supuun – a spoon. Seriously. This BoE doesn’t give out chopsticks with lunch, but instead just a spoon. Very strange. Buying more chopsticks to take in with me next week.
  • Chiizu – processed cheese in the shape of a crab. Nuff said. Mum and Dad – abominations like these are why I asked you to bring me proper cheese.
  • Chinese-style mixed vegetables, ginko nuts, fish and meat
  • Canned fruit with little mochi (pounded rice cakes)
Rating: 4/5

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