On Saturday Hitomi (aka Kato-san) and I went to check out the cherry blossoms at Iwakura, a town just north of Nagoya which is famous for having a river which is lined for several kilometres by chery trees on both sides. This weekend was the sakura peak, and Iwakura held a festival to celebrate. Although it was busy, there was still lots of space to sit and chat and take in the beautiful flowers. The day was made even better by Hitomi telling me that there had been a meeting between the Aichi (my old schools prefecture – I have been moved to different ones for this academic year – more to come on that another time) teachers about their English teachers. It was apparently agreed that not only was I the best teacher (I would dispute that, but hey – it’s nice to hear!) but that I was the only one who had really improved their Japanese, and that was really interested in Japanese culture. I was definitely happy to hear that – I do work hard at my Japanese, and I do love the culture here, so it was cool to have that recognised. In all honesty, I think a big part of it is my enthusiasm for food!

Anyhow, here are a few pictures of the sugoi kirei (really beautiful) cherry blossoms:

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