Shinden staff party

Here are a few snaps of the end-of-term party forShinden. We went to a restaurant and had a beautiful multi-course meal with all-you-can-drink beer and sake for 90 minutes. As you can imagine, everyone got quite drunk. They also lost their inhibitions, and I was inundated with people coming to chat to me, many of whom I had barely spoken to all term. It was great! Afterwards a few of us headed to a local bar for a few more drinks before making our way home.

At the bar… The guy next to me in this photo is one of the special needs teachers, who I hadn’t spoken to much all term, but who spent the evening telling me how he wants to move his family to a foreign country to experience a new culture, but that his mum is ill so he can’t yet.

The two guys on the far right of the below picture at the Vice Principal (glasses) and the “No. 4” – the class scheduler. They are both moving to work on a school on a small island south of Nagoya. A few feathers havebeen ruffled asYokoiSensei (No. 4) is jumping up two places to No. 2 (Vice Principal), but since the two are good friends it’s not that surprising they’d move together. I think they’re going to have a fun and easy life there!

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