I entered a competition on the Nagoya International Centre website to win tickets to the Nagoya Sweets exhibition. Having forgotten about it, I was surprised to open my mail box and find two tickets inside. Yay! I invited Sharifa, who shares my love of all things baked, fried and sugary :)

Although quite a small show, we did manage to sample lots of delicious things (as a result of going around several times), but seeing as we were the only foreigners here the stalls caught on to this pretty quickly! We bought a few things to eat (battered and fried mochi – yum!) and also looked at the amazing exhibition of sugar sculptures. I guess it was a competition for professional pastry chefs from all over Japan. Some of the entries were astonishing – the below are all made out of sugar:

Sorry for the rubbish photo quality – my camera died so had to use the iPhone.

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