Successfully concluded project

As previously mentioned, here is a post about my Last Big Project…

For a while now I’ve been considering re-training as a garden designer. This has meant lots of research into colleges, as well as into garden design itself. I recently read about a competition run by the British newspaper The Telegraph to design a garden, and thought it was a good chance to get a bit of experience designing something, and using some of the knowledge I’d acquired during my reading.

As part of creating the design I taught myself how to use SketchUp, an impressive piece of 3D modelling software, and created my design in that and submitted it along with a hand-drawn planting plan and some background information and photos. I have to say that from start to finish the whole process took ages. At first there way my indecision to contend with – cycling through various ideas, discarding some, starting again, getting frustrated – then there was the fact that I don’t own a computer, so had to install the software on the school computers and sneakily use it at work, and finally there was the usual procrastination problems to overcome! But with a big effort over one weekend (spent in the library – the only place I am actually able to get work done it seems) I finally finished it and sent the hard copies over to England, safely ensconced in a big A3 envelope.
Well… I found out last week that my design was a runner-up! Woo! How cool :) The prize is a 50% reduction on a course run by the Oxford College of Garden design, worth 2500GBP. I’m not sure whether the course is right for me, but frankly the value of winning something beats the value of the prize anyway. Below are a few screen-captures of my design, taken from SketchUp. What is hard to capture in the software is the lush feel I was trying to capture (I included some photos to try and convey that to the judges), so you will have to imagine the garden as being quite over-grown! If anyone out there uses SketchUp and wants the files to look at, just let me know in the comments :)

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6 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    So pretty! I got a really good feeling from looking at your design. I love how you included the stepping stones in the pond — I am pretty sure that the garden would look incredible in real life! When I have the money (haha!), I am going to hire you to design my garden. :D

    Oh, by the way, congrats on being the runner up!

  2. Sharifa says:

    Congrats! Excellent job.

  3. Felicia says:

    Congrats! Nicely done, girl :-)

  4. Charlotte says:

    Blimey Fiona, well done!! I’m so impressed! So we might be seeing you back in the UK then?! SketchUp is good, we used it to model our house before we ripped into it (the house that is, not the model). Well done!

  5. Rachel says:

    This looks great! Nice job on the sketch up, looks like you took to it very quickly xx

  6. says:

    Thanks! It’s actually very intuitive software – I did a few of Google’s tutorials, and supplemented that with information on specific things I needed to achieve. Also, I think it helps that I have a computer science degree and am a bit of a geek ;)