Interview with Richard Amos

Although I study Wado, I believe a karate-ka not should have an interest in karate as a whole, and therefore try to read about and look at other styles of karate, and even other martial arts. Training in two styles is something else (and not something I would advise, unless you are very proficient in at least one of them!), but having an attitude that your style is best and that all the others are not worth paying attention to is narrow-minded and you will lose out on the benefits that others technical tips, entertaining stories and wisdom could bring to your own practise.

With that in mind, Richard Amos is a Shotokan practioner, the head of the World Traditional Karate Association and was one of the first foreigners to take the JKA Karate instructorship course in Japan; probably one of the most renowned and demanding karate qualifications. There is a good interview with him on The Shotokan Way website (via Andre Bertel’s blog), where he talks about taking the qualification, the politics within the JKA in those days (bleurgh) and living and training in Japan.

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