24 days to go

Have I told you that I have my shodan (black belt) test on the 16th of August? I honestly can’t remember, so sorry if I have, and sorry if I haven’t. Time is shooting by, much as I suspect it would if I was a dog with my head hanging out of the window of a Porsche, but with an element of pressure I suspect our canine friends don’t experience.

Practice now consists mostly of refining techniques and kata – getting my weight as low as possible, pointing my foot correctly, getting just the right amount of hip-twist, and so on. I will be doing basic kihon, two pre-arranged kumite drills (yakusoku kumite), two katapinan shodan (my choice) and kushanku (theirs), plus some free sparring (kumite). Sensei has got me doing lots of kata in front of the dojo, which is working well as I appear to becoming less nervous, and my intense dislike of performing in front of other people is slowly going away. Still, 24 days isn’t very long… *gulp*!

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3 Responses

  1. Felicia says:

    Ummm….NO – you didn’t mention that!!

    Well, I’ll share with you what my sensei told me before my grading: Do your best. Don’t hurt anyone. Don’t let anyone hurt you.

    You’ll be amazing!!

  2. Ikigai says:

    Best of luck! This is an exciting time and will fly by quite quickly.

  3. gai.ninja says:

    Thanks! Time is flying by quickly. Way too quickly, in fact! Although in some ways my mind is beyond the shodan grading and I’m trying to make sure I remember all the things I need to keep working on when I go home and not get too bound up in the moment. Only a few days to go now…!

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