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Due to my failure to do a “bullet pointed week” post for, well, for long enough that I should probably call it “bullet-pointed month” instead, I have a small collection of t-shirt phrases that I figured I may as well roll into one post. I also have a bonus baseball cap AND photo of some an example of amusing choice of brands, which I’ll start with.

Inappropriate brands

The lack of being able to read English, and the lack of exposure to Western brands in the context

in which they “belong” and intend themselves to be perceived, means that people often wear things that are completely out of place on them. A minor example of this would be the Carhartt t-shirt I spotted Sensei in the other day, but the woman (yes, I know what you’re thinking) above takes it to another level. The t-shirt she’s wearing is from a UK brand called Howies who, although eco-friendly, is more associated with youth skate culture. On the t-shirt is a picture of a skateboard in the style of the London Underground logo, and the type says “London Transport”. She is wearing a pair of blue and orange Nike mules, shown above. All in all, quite an odd get-up, but one which isn’t that out of place here.
On to some t-shirt slogans…

I love this one, it being a combination of political yet nonsensical:

Can Putin survive this and will Kirienko be able to get his hands on those new shoes?

This one almost gets away with being cutesy, but the typos push it into the realms of ridiculousness:

My Jhony over the ocian. My Jhony over the sea.

And I have no idea as to what this one is even trying to say:

I love vagary glance

Finally, the aforementioned baseball cap, which I actually considered swiping from the owners head and running away with, so utterly wonderful is it:

Filths Hamburgers

Only beef!
100% beef!
Here’s the beef!!

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