Karate is like…

…having a dumpster full of lego, and a photo of the fantastical creation you are expected to make with the millions of pieces in your possession. As time goes on, it begins to take shape, but you also get distracted – forgetting to add bits here, deviating from the photo there – and you periodically have to go back and adjust. Add to that the the fact that other people occasionally come along and point out what you’re doing wrong, or what you should do, and sometimes it feels like you’ll never get the damn thing built. And in fact, you won’t. Not like the picture. But build it you will, with your own spin, your own little take on things, and in your own style.

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2 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    You’ll get there. The picture in your mind is one of perfection. Getting your first dan is almost like getting the instruction manual of how to build it. You’re about to take the first step into a bigger world of lego and you’ll realise that the end of your training is only the beginning. Good luck!

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