Kyushoku – Friday 16th July

Meant to post much more of these, but in my haste to eat kept forgetting, and now suddenly find myself here: at the last kyushoku ever. A truly sad day.

Kyushoku - 16th July 2010
Clockwise from the gyunyu:
  • chikinnageto – chicken nuggets
  • natsu yasai kare – Summer vegetable curry
  • ocha – green tea
  • mugigohan – barley rice (with pickles)
  • reitou mikan – frozen satsuma

Rating: 4.5/5

I love love love Japanese curry, and managed to get a double portion ad an extra chicken nugget! Yay! They were a bit fake (that weird TVP stuff I think, and not actual chicken) and if they were better this might have got the full 5 stars. Still, a delicious last meal. Now it’s back to cooknig for myself. Sigh ;)

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