Last day

Today is the last day of term, and I’ve just taught the last English class of, what I will assume to be the rest of my life. I’d like to say that I feel sad and wracked with emotion, but… I don’t. Although it’s been fun, it’s also not been challenging enough, and the work environment sometimes trying to an annoying extreme (you’ll hear the last of Creepy Stalker Teacher in another post!), so I am glad it’s come to an end. It’s actually my last day of work for the forseeable future – gulp. Need to get on the case of sorting out some part time work for when I get back to the UK!

Because it was the last day of term, I knew concentration levels would be low so the kids made posters showing their names, birthdays and three things they like, and presented them in groups. I love seing the creative kids who come up with things they like beyond the mundane dogs, melon and so on, and the best was a boy who, when presenting his poster, shouted out “I like meat, I like melon, I LIKE MEEEEE!”. Awesome. In the same class was Haruna, who shares her birthday with my sister (Ninja the Middling), hence the fact I remember her name, and is also really sweet. Had a nice chat with her after class. I’ll certainly miss some of the kids, and their little entertaining selves!

Now, it’s time to get home, wolf down some dinner and head out to the dojo!

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