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Since arriving back from Nagasaki on the 26th (which I did do safely, despite the fact that my travel blogging seems to have stopped several hundred miles away) things have been busy in a not-good way. On the morning of the 27th, Operation Clean-Up and Pack-Up commenced. In the afternoon Hitomi came round to assist me, which was an enourmous help as she is an experienced mover, having lived abroad a few times, and also much more organised than me. I was hoping to see more of her before I left, but what with the World Cup and travelling, I didn’t have time, so it was good to hang out for a day.

That evening was my final karate practise. Sensei made it a hardcore one, with sets of 100 koshi no kaiten gyakuzuki, koshi no kaiten junzuki, sonobazuki, mawashigeri, maegeri and so on. Then lots of idokihon too. Good fun. Afterwards we went for drinkies, and it unsurprisingly ended up being drunken and late. Like 4am late. Will post some pictures when I have a chance to upload them, but suffice to say it was a lot of fun. However…

…the next day I got up at 8am, feeling rather the worse for wear, and continued packing. At 2pm the men came to turn off the gas and electricity, shortly followed by the man from the rental company to do the final inspection. At this point I was still surrounded by quite a lot of stuff, mainly things I didn’t want and was trying to give away to various friends. Luckily it all went well – the flat was “kirei desu ne” – “looks beautiful, doesn’t it” – and I won’t be having to pay anything for repairs. Also, he let me keep a key, finish packing and post it in the letter box when I was finished – result!

I spent the night at Sharifa’s place, and we went out for a last meal with about five friends. I had tempura, which was another “tick” on the list of eating all the Japanese foods I want before I leave! After a somewhat stressful journey to the station, which was crowded becasue of the Nagoya Matsuri, I had a most awesome surprise waiting on the platform at Nagoya Station, in the form of Jacob, who had come to see me off with a gift of a bento for the journey. It was a really sweet gesture, and just what I needed after lugging my cases there. The journey to Tokyo was very relaxed, as all Shinkansen trips are, and after another stressful journey across the city, this time as a result of the Heavy Luggage Of Doom, I finally made it to the Suzuki’s. Woo!

It’s awesome to be back. After arriving at the house at 4.20pm, and having a chat with Yukiko and the boys (Daijiro pronounced my Japanese “pera pera” – “perfect” – yay!) I headed out again at 5pm to meet up with Kosei and some of the Shorinji guys for yaki-niku (Korean BBQ) and a few drinks. It was a nice chilled evening with lots of food and chatting and not too much drinking. We were home by 10pm and I was in bed by 10.30pm for a very hot nights sleep! As an extra bonus we were joined by Hatsuno Sensei, the Shorinji Sensei, who is a sprightly and cute 81 year old. He is just awesome – think of Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid and add some sake and you’ve probably got a fair impression of him!

This morning Yukiko and I went to the Softbank shop and cancelled my phone, had sushi for lunch (for the past two weeks I’ve had sushi at least every day!), did some shopping and came home to meet the boys who got out of school at 1.30pm. Now were are just chilling before dinner and TV time. Dinner is due to be epic – Yukiko is a fantastic cook and after seeing what she got at the supermarket I’m quite excited. Going to dig my camera out and get some snaps :)

This is probably the last update I’ll make till I’m back in England, and can clear the travelling backlog and maybe some other posts I never got round to writing or finishing. Crazy to think I’ll be back in 48 hours. I have mixed feelings about leaving, but I do know that I’m excited to be starting a new phase in life. See you on the other side of the world!

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