Bullet pointed weeks (and weeks and weeks)

Good lord it’s been a long time since I blogged. In my efforts to save money I’ve not been coming up to use the internet cafe much, and when I do I seem to get side-tracked by other (admittedly important) things, such as finding a job, so the back-log of blog posts is growing. The “saving money by chilling in my apartment” thing might be a bit of a false economy though, as I got the biggest electricity bill of my life yesterday! It’s so hot now (been up to 37 some days) that I’ve had the aircon on all the time. Including at night. Might have to stop that habit before I bankrupt myself. Anyhow, here are some of the more interesting things I have done recently:

  • One of my schools had a Ladies Lunch – about 25 of us went to a local restaurant for a delicious Japanese multi-course lunch. Was great to chat to everyone in a more relaxed context, and give out my email address to stay in touch with some people.
  • Went to a BBQ at a farm owned by one of the teachers from my school last year. Didn’t take any photos to share with you, sadly, but did eat lots of delicious fresh fruit and vegetable, and a whole lotta grilled meat! I also came away with a big bag of veg – corn on the cob, tomatoes, onions, peppers and a whole kabotcha. I love kabotcha, but it was a bit of an effort to eat it all, especially to think of new and creative ways to make it even tastier!
  • My friend Meaghan left to go back to Canada :( We went out for a nice goodbye dinner, and discovered a place that sells pints of gin and tonic for 290 yen! Some other friends also left, and that of course warranted another night out sampling Japans not-so-fine lager beers. Most of my friends here have left now, mainly to go back to university in their own country, so my social life mainly consists of karate friends and teacher friends.
  • I have far too much free time on my hands (read – absolutely bugger all to do) which makes the days drift by in a haze of sun, iPhone games and reading. Every day I try to do at least one useful thing, which today was coming to the internet cafe to make a blog to advertise the things I am selling before I move. Check it out here! I’m mostly organised with my post-grading travel, having booked all the hotels and sorted, for the most part, my itinerary. My pre-move out flat inspection is booked, as are the people to sort out the electricity, gas etc. bills. I even know how to cancel my mobile phone and pay the last bill. Go me.
  • As well as one useful thing per day, I am also going out for half an hours sunbathing every day, in the hope that I will build up a gradual and non-burny tan. So far so good, although I do have some odd sandal marks from wandering around outside.
  • The Wado Kai World Cup is next weekend, and lots of people are arriving in Nagoya to train, and some of them are coming to the dojo. Last night class was lead by Nukina Sensei, who runs our partner dojo in Bucharest. He used to live in Nagoya but married a woman from Romania and moved out there and started his own club. It’s fair to say that his karate is awesome, and it made a nice change of pace to have a new sensei for a night. We all went out drinking after class, which was fun as always.
  • Tomorrow I’m having lunch at Sharifa’s apartment with a Japanese/American family who live nearby. She is cooking Jamaican food, including jerk chicken, pasta salad and banana fritters. Om nom nom.
That’s just about all the interesting things I can think of at the moment, and the fact they are so boring should give you some indication of the excitement level in my life. Really it is all about karate interspersed with the odd bit of beer drinking! I’ll do another post with my travel plans, which will commence on the 17th August, but for now I need to go to the International Centre to advertise my things for sale. Hopefully the next updates will be more timely than previous ones have been.

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  1. Nagoyan says:

    Oh, you’ll leave japan in reality, I’ve known you only from blog, but it’s shame. If I happen to see somewhere in Nagoya, I give you a toast. Near future I hope you back to Nagoya again. Good Luck in England.