Busy busy busy!

Last night Sensei asked me if I could help and translate at the World Cup training sessions tomorrow and Friday. Of course I said yes, even though it means that today is insanely busy! Really my Japanese isn’t great, but perhaps Sensei has mistaken my ability for grinning and nodding for actual linguistic skill ;) I’ve trained Monday and Tuesday, and today I’m attending a special class with the Romania and Swedish teams. Then I’m assisting/translating all day tomorrow and Friday, then watching the World Cup on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday morning I have a seminar to attend, and then my shodan grading in the afternoon. Straight after that is a drinking party with the karate guys, and then I am getting up early the next day for a lonnnng journey down to Okayama, where I start my ten days of travelling. Phew. I am tired just writing about it. Came to the internet cafe today intending to spend some time writing my CV, since I really do need to find a job for when I go back home, but have got absorbed in a barrage of blog posts. Perhaps I’ll find time to do that during lulls in the world cup, although what with me being The Queen Of Procrastination, perhaps not!

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