Still on Day 1 of The Travels, after visiting Kourakuen I jumped on a train to nearby Kurashiki, a small town home to a district of merchant houses and warehouses from the 17th century along a central canal with weeping willows along either side, and gondolas sliding along its length. Although very busy it still has a relaxed atomsphere, and after a lunch of the locally produced sushi and noodles I was ready to face the heat and have a wander around.

This is Ivy Square, an old spinning mill which has been converted into a complex of shops and restaurants. The main building is covered in ivy, hence the name ;P




The Japanese Venice!


At some point I’ll go back and label these photos here and on my Flickr stream. Check out the latter for the full set of photos.

This ended the first of what has so far proved to be a hot but incredibly awesome and rewarding few days of travel. Sadly the pay-for internet here (Hiroshima) is hampering my ability to catch up and actually write about the pictures I”m showing you, but suffice to say I’m having an excellent time. Right, will try and knock out a post about Day 2 before my time runs out!

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