Since the journey from Okayama to Hiroshima was relatively short (a mere 167 minutes), I decided to make a stop-off midway, in a place called Tomonoura. It was described in my travel guide as being a “must see” along this part of the coast, and despite only being accesible by bus, I had enough time to stash my luggage in a locker at Fukuyama station and make the half hour trip down the coast.

Arriving in this sleepy little village, I could see why the guide thought it was worth a trip. The heat of the day, and the fact that the bulk of the days work had already been done, meant the streets were quiet and the harbour devoid of any real activity, and yours truly could wander around and soak up the peace.



This stone lantern was the lighthouse in days gone by


Harbour view

Okayama barazushi
One thing I didn’t get time to do in Okayama was eat the local sushi – barazushi – which is a selection of cooked and raw fish over rice. I picked up this bento from the station and ate it in the shade of a temple, over-looking the sea.

Boat repair shop
Boat-repair shop
Drying shrimp
On the wheel-barrow are shimp which have been laid out to dry in the sun. Below is another shot from a different location
Drying shrimp

Fishermans work clothes
Fishermans work clothes, hanging out to dry

Unsurprisingly for August in Japan, it was another blistering day, and after all that walking I treated myself to a kakigouri. It’s a hugely popular summer-time dessert made from shaved ice with flavoured syrup over the top. They come in all flavours, from child-friendly melon and strawberry to the more sophisticated green tea. Mine was green tea flavoured ice with a big dollop of sweet adzuki beans in the middle, with condensed milk on top of that. Delicious :)

Sleepy kitty

There were quite a few cats here, mostly friendly and mostly with their tails intact, both something of a rarity in Japan!
At 4pm it was time to head back to Fukuyama and on to Hiroshima to meet up with Sharifa at the hostel. Watch this space for our adventures :)

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