Making and baking

Two days after arriving back in the UK, I jumped on a train to Bangor to spend two weeks with my sister who, at that time was very heavily pregnant with my little niece. We spent lots of time cooking – cakes, soups, crumbles, curries – some of which went in the freezer for post-partum convenience food, and some of which were scoffed by us with cups of tea. Whilst L had afternoon naps, I played on her Wii, which went some way to burning off the calories! Here are some pics…
Menai Straits
View of the Menai Straits taken from a pub we stopped for a drink in
Red currant and blackberry mini cakes
Red currant and blackberry mini fairy cakes
Making sushi
L making sushi rolls!
Maki rolls
Finished rolls
Nearly ready...
Curry night! The nan in the pan at the front was made from a mix from Muji, which I brought back form Japan. ‘Twas delish!
Indian dinner
The chicken tikka was amazing, but required three different marinatings
We made an origami mobile for above the cot. I brought some origami paper back from Japan, and also some spray varnish, which we sealed the cranes with after we’d folded them.
The finished mobile
The last two shots are of Conwy, where we went for a wander around at the weekend, when A, L’s husband, could join us. My niece has since been born – a healthy and hair 8lb+ baby girl. I’ll check with L whether I can share a photos with you.

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  1. Nagoyan says:

    Can you find proper rice made for sushi in England?