Finale – The Knotweed Diaries / エピソード1:イタドリの日記

Housemate vs. flatpack

One of the reasons that I thought the knotweed would be a good diary subject is that I didn’t think was likely to go anywhere fast. Those of your who actually know my housemate will also know that she isn’t exactly motivated when it comes to matters of the domestic variety, so I assumed that the knotweed would be around for the summer, possibly even culminating with it taking over the garden sometime in early October. Well, turns out I was wrong, because I came home one evening to find she had bought a metal incinerator box, which the photo shows her putting it together. Shortly afterwards I joined her in hacking down the knotweed, puitting it in said box, tipping white spirit on it and burning it (it’s so invasive that you’re not even allowed to throw it out with normal household rubbish.)

This was back on the 17th April, and since then it’s mostly stayed away, apart from the odd sprout. That said, it’s growing rampant in the garden behind the fence, so you probably haven’t seen the last of this series yet…

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