Re-birth of the ninja

This blog’s been sitting like a (admittedly very small) weight on my shoulders for all too long now, but I’ve finally come up with a plan to kick it’s sorry ass. I’m just going to continue to write about training. Amazing, huh?! Don’t know why I’d never thought of it earlier. For the time being it will be less about karate (and Japan, given that I’m now very much ensconsed in South London), and more about the type of stuff I’m doing now and general musings on psychology, nutrition and so on.

Since getting back I’ve not been in the dojo much. If I’m honest, I think I spoiled myself in Japan. Two years with an incredible Sensei in purpose-built dojo with awesomely talented karateka has made it difficult to get back into it here. I will, when my life is in a place where I can devote the time I want to my training, but that is way more than the two days that the local dojo’s offer – an amount of time that, for me, doesn’t make it worth going back (afterall, the reason I went to Japan was to train for more than two days a week!).

So… now I do some running, still do lots of pad work, but have also got into quite a bit of bodyweight training. Bodyweight stuff is similar (vaguely) to doing weights, but instead of using lumps of metal, you use your own bodyweight to provide the resistence. Some examples would be push-ups, pull-ups and dips. It’s quite fun.

Anyhow, I get asked quite often about my training and diet (partly, I think, because of the physical effects of the above, which has made my arms quite ripped) and it occurred to me that it would be a good to have a place to write down things for the benefit of the internets, as well as their intended recipients. Since mulling this re-birth over, I now have a head full of things to write about, so keep an eye out.

I thought about changing the name but although I”m no longer “foreign”, I think anyone who carves their own Path in life, in training or otherwise, will definitely be feeling one of the other definitions. Also, I’m totally still a ninja ;)

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