In the news (for the past few weeks)

Big story here (I suspect it was over-shadowed by the “pink slime” stories in the US, though) was that eating red meat is *gasp* quite bad for you. It probably is, if you eat too much of it, don’t have any fresh food and sit on your arse all day.
Eating red meat raises ‘substantially’ risk of cancer or heart disease death

There were a raft of daft follow-up stories, including this one which is particularly grating due to the fact the author attributes consumption of processed meat to poor people, rather than uneducated ones (and yes, processed meat is cheap, but so are pulses, turkey, tuna, cottage cheese etc. if you’re sensible)
Some meat is OK, as long as it’s not the processed stuff that poor people eat

Another surprising story about people failing to take responsibility for their health and stuffing pills down their throat instead
Britain ‘risks becoming a nation of pill poppers’

*sayin’ nuffin’*
Seaweed toast is same as half an hour on treadmill

Nice story about how free porridge = stable blood sugars = fewer accidents on the Olympics site
Free porridge cut accidents in obese workers at Olympics

Finally, if you work at home and want some tips to improve your workplace
Reinventing the Office: How to Lose Fat and Increase Productivity at Work

(Ahem, sorry for the snark, but most of the health stuff in the press really is either nonsense or pointless hysteria. Perhaps I should stop doing these… ;) )

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