Beating diabetes with data

My friend Dan’s written a really awesome post about his journey from being told he had massively elevated blood sugar levels (and Type 2 diabetes) through changing his diet and lifestyle and using all sorts of apps and bits of kit to track the results of those changes. It’s really cool to read, and I’m full of respect for him. Diabetes runs in my family – one of my cousin’s got Type 1 and I always remember seeing her inject herself all the time, right from when we were kids. She’s a big motorbike fan but now her eyesight is so bad she’s had to stop riding. My uncle, who is Type 2, has just had his little toes amputated because of it. I guess that partially explains my somewhat militant stance on sugar ;)

Anyhow, check out the post, and if you’re a data nerd he recommends some really cool tools for tracking your stats.

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