A Plan

Just got time for a quick post today – too much work on and not enough time for writing – boo.

One of my office mates is building a fitness app for a well-known male model (it’s not out yet, otherwise I’d totally name-drop). It has two streams – “get ripped” or “bulk up”, both running over 6 weeks. He was saying how excited he was about the launch, and that he’s going to follow it for the course. He asked me whether I was going to do it too, but I said no – I already have my own routine and goals (that are very likely to be quite far apart from most of the stuff in the app). It led onto a short discussion about what you do at the gym, and he said that often he doesn’t have a plan when he goes. I’d put money on the fact that that’s actually a really common problem and thought I’d tap out a quick post before scooting off to execute my plan in a few minutes*.

Going to train with a plan, whether it’s in the gym, dojo or on the track, is vital. It stops you wasting time, makes your efforts focussed, and helps keep you on track for whatever goals you are trying to achieve. It also means that you can make sure your weeks training is balanced, and that you are working on everything that needs to be worked on. I’m sure you can imagine why writing it all down is even better!

So the point of the post is this – next time you leave the house to exercise, just stop and think what you’re going to do when you get there. Think about what you are looking to achieve in the short-term, and therefore what you did last time, but also your medium-term goals, and what you have been working on over the past few weeks and months. Finally, make sure your that your plan sounds both realistically achievable and fun – that way it will actually get executed :)

* 10 minute cross-trainer warm-up, 45 minute boxing class, some long-neglected ab work (early-morning planning means I even have my ab roller in my bag), some stretching out the pain caused by yesterdays static holds session.

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