Friday Inspiration: Adrienne (and Aleks)

I follow a guy on Facebook called Aleks Salkin. He posts his workouts and does cool videos talking about technique, routines, recipes etc. He’s always super enthusiastic, which is a nice change from some of the cooler-than-you hulk-a-likes that do the same ;) Anyhow, I noticed a girl called Adrienne posting on one of his updates and a bit of nosing led me to her blog: GiryaGirl

She trains only in kettlebells and bodyweight stuff (as does Aleks) and is really really strong… Check out these fingertip pull ups and dragon flags:

Cleaner technique than a lot of guys I see…

Gonna try and make a habit out of Friday Inspiration and share blogs or videos to gear up your training and make you think “wow!” :)

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