Holy sh*t and a half

It’s pretty easy to coerce me to do insane/stupid/downright idiotic things. Actually the word “coerce” would imply that there’s someone else involved in the persuading, whereas it’s pretty much just me who makes me do them.

Barbarian Lee uploaded a video of him doing an epic amount of burpees: 1 minute burpees for time followed by 1 minute rest for 10 rounds. The video of him doing them is made even more awesome by the fact he’s done it in his garden surrounded by kids toys, and also that you can hear his missus doing the timing.

Of course I had to try the same workout – no completely sane person would do otherwise! Since I’d done 90 (?!) diamond push ups (in reverse pyramid sets) the day before, I omitted the push up part and also, since I actually wanted to be able to walk afterwards, I dropped the sets to 30 seconds. Here is my attempt:

Needless to say the title of this post is pretty much what I was thinking at the end. Actually that’s pretty much what I thought after the third set. You never quite get your breath back in the minute, and in the last few sets it’s really hard to get the energy to do the jump at the end. Mostly I’m just happy I did it, happy that it was really hard and happy that it will bring good gains in cardio and leg strength. Come tomorrow though, when I have to walk up to the studio on the 4th floor I will probably be cursing myself :)

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1 Response

  1. Felicia says:

    Whoo-Hoo! You did about 12 Burpees in each set! You go, girl :-)