I have a YouTube account on which I host the videos you can see here. They’re a weird mix of random things with friends (setting sh*t on fire, snowboarding), life in Japan (sports day at school, guided tour of my apartment), karate (kata like it shud b dun) and most recently calisthenics. Sometimes I do forum challenges and workouts like 20×12 (check it), and post the results there. Occasionally I get comments, mainly from folk on the forums I post them to, but they don’t generally get a lot of attention (which is fine by me). Today though, I got a message through YouTube from a user called “boedertje01”:

Hi Wow nice to see the videos of you. Mabey it is not real a girl stuff. My request is do you will make a muscle flexing video ? That shows your biceps. I have a beth with a friend that girls have muscles to. He say it is no i think it is yes. It will be great for me if you cane help me with that. This a sample of kind video i mean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr8QVdJp3xc And ofcourse i go subscribe you. Big thx Iam Boe a girl of 15 and i like gymnastics

ICK!!! The worst thing is that if you search Google Video for his username, loads of results come up of young girls responding to his request with videos of them flexing their muscles. One of them read out the message she received, and it’s identical to the above.

It makes me really sad that creepy little weirdos like this guy take advantage of innocent people who are too young to realise that he isn’t who he says “she” is :(

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