Recipe: Bhaja moong dal

To tempt you with some tasty vegan food (unless you were to cook it with ghee, which would be no bad thing if you’re an omnivore), here’s the recipe for my favourite dal dish – bhaja moong dal.

Where it differs from normal dal is that you dry-fry the moong dal (you should be able to get moong or mung dal from your local Indian store) before cooking it. This involves heating it over a medium-low temperature whilst stirring constantly until it goes a toasty brown colour and smells nutty. Then you fry the spices (I only use ginger, bay, cumin and dried red chillis), add the dal and water and just simmer till it’s cooked. Check out a recipe here. You can also add vegetables, like in this recipe. Serve with brown rice and/or chappati if you want carbs. It’s definitely one of the most comforting things to eat, vegan or otherwise, I’ve ever tried. 

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