Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June

Was at the Barbarians seminar on Saturday and Sunday. 4 hours training a day. Saturday was brutal – push-ups, pull-ups, dips, L-sit holds and variations. Form in the morning then hardcore sets in the afternoon. Sunday was working on progressions to the more advanced moves – V-sits, handstands and HSPU, levers (skin the cat, front and back), muscle ups etc. Still pretty hard training but thankfully not as killer as Saturday (although I think the ibuprofen with breakfast helped  ) Not going to go into any more detail here as I intend to blog about it soon, but it was an excellently awesome weekend. Highlights included winning an L-sit off against 5 guys and doing skin the cat, which is one of the coolest feeling exercises I’ve ever done.

Edit to add: You can read all about the seminars in this post.

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