Fun with the Round Timer app

Pretty much the only fitness app I use consistently on my iPhone is the free Round Timer app. It’s very simple and allows you to set up the length of rounds and rest intervals, and also the number of rounds. Obviously the rest intervals don’t have to be for rests – they’re just another means to make a differently-timed interval. Also, it has a nice loud bell (like the ones they use in a boxing ring) which is easy to hear through music or if you leave your phone on the floor whilst you train.

Here is one that looks similar for Android phones. Although you’ll have to shell out 61p for it, it does have a feature whereby you can save an unlimited number of time configurations.

It’s a great tool for making workouts a bit more engaging, varied and (dare I say it) fun. Here are a few of the ways I use it – please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below :)

Barbaric burpees
40s round / 1min rest / 10 rounds

2 min round / 30s run
The number of permutations you can do with this is infinite… Would be good on a treadmill when you could increase the speed or change the incline

Push-up holds
5s top / 5s bottom / 10 rounds
Pull-up holds
5s top / 5s middle / 5s deadhang

Side planks
1min / 1min / 1 round
And typing “1 round” made me think that perhaps I should go in for some kind of plank marathon and increase it to 3 or something… ;)

I should just say that the push-ups, pull-ups etc. with holds are *hard*. I can only do two reps of the top/middle/bottom hold pull-ups, seven push-ups and about five dips. Killer. Anyhow, have a go and let me know if you hit on something particularly torturous ;)

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