Little update

Some cool things have been happening in the past few weeks… The seminars were a massive inspiration and helped cement both short and longer term goals for me. I’ve made some modifications to my training, which I’ll touch on below.

I’ve frozen, with a view to cancelling, my gym membership until the end of September, which will give me three solid months to focus fully on bar calisthenics, and hopefully the best of the Summer (which is yet to come *crosses fingers*).

I’ve been asked to write for Boxrox, who sponsored the Bar-barian seminars, and am just in the process of putting together my first post for them. Martin (who runs it) and I met for the first time at the seminars, but he remembered me because when I emailed to sign up I teasingly took the piss out of the Crossfit style of pull-up. (Just. Can’t. Resist). Luckily he knew I was kidding :) Anyhow, I will link to the first post when it’s up.

In other blog-related news, I am really excited to have persuaded, albeit without any real persuasion at all, someone to do a guest post for It will touch on bodyweight training and cross over to another style of strength and conditioning training. That’s all I’m gonna say for now!

I’ve got some goals to achieve in my training: to get my pull-up endurance up and do a muscle up being the main ones, as well as work on some more static holds and stuff like “skin the cat“. I hit upon a plan to get my endurance up, which involved doing 100 reps. So workouts involved doing, say, 20 sets of 5 pull-ups and 10 diamond push-ups, or 10 sets of 10 straight bar dips, 10 regular dips and 10 jumping muscle ups. However… I seem to have done something to my arm… I rested from Saturday to yesterday (Monday), but training last night has just aggravated it again, so I guess I’m on running, burpees and pistol squats for a few days. Kind of annoying as I’ve been making good progress recently, but patience is a virtue blah blah blah :)

I have achieved two mini goals, though – L-sit chin-ups (sets of 3) and on Saturday when I should’ve been resting I accidentally did an L-sit pull-up, which was pretty cool. Anyhow, hopefully will be able to get back to normal training by the end of the week.

As well as the new shoes, I’ve bought something else cool: a Stick. It is a myofascial muscle roller, like those foam rollers they have at the gym but hopefully more flexible in how it can be used. It was a toss up between The Stick and The Grid roller, but I don’t have a lot of floor space for that here, and also the prospect of using The Stick to get my upper back and shoulders is pretty appealing right now. I have a lot of crunchy knots that really need to be banished! Hopefully it’ll arrive before the weekend.

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3 Responses

  1. Felicia says:

    The Stick is so cool! Still have mine from my track days!

  2. Fi says:

    Oh wow! Is it good? I ordered a really long one so I can do my upper back and shoulders with it. Really need to make some more time for that kind of stuff. Hoping it will stop the weird crunching thing it’s doing at the moment ;)

  3. Brian Enigma says:

    So I’ve been all over that website now and I still do not quite understand what The Stick actually is, you know, besides a bar with handles.