Monday 16th July

Weekend off training to go to a festival. Feeling broken still today, but need to get some training in…


5 x super-sets:
20 jumping jacks
10 x burpees

Mobility work for arms, shoulders and back

Then a reverse pyramid:
Bench push-ups and Bench dips
(55 of each in total)

3 sets (all straight sets done with 1 or so mins rest in between, then 3 mins before the next set of exercises) of:

5 x pull-ups
5 x slow HLR’s
8 x dips
10 x diamond push-ups
8 x straight bar dips
2 x roll-over attempts
20s L sit hold
2 x pull-ups with 10s hold top, 10s middle and 10s bottom
4 x L-sit chin up
20s hold at top of pull-up

Finished with some skin the cat on the rings, although was feeling pretty weak by that point so didn’t do much.

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