Monday 9th July

Did some mobility work in the morning.

3km run (to the park)

5 sets of:
10 x jumping jacks
10 x burpees
10 x narrow push-ups (working triceps)
10 x Australian pull ups
4 x normal pull ups

5 sets of:
10 x bench dips
20 x hollow rocks

5km run back home

(It was supposed to be a 3km run back home, but being a complete dumbass I got totally lost and ended up taking a 5km route back.)

On the up-side, I was well warmed up when I arrived, and everything felt great, although doing the pull-ups I could feel my shoulder pulling very slightly. However it is much better, and I am going to keep the volume low – maybe just increasing by 5 or 10 reps each workout) until it’s better. Definitely much much improved from before.

Didn’t do dips on the bar as the ones in this park are too wide and I thought it’d hit my deltoids too hard, which seem to be related to the shoulder pain.

Anyhow, I’m pretty happy, all things considered, apart from now my legs hurt after that long a$$ run!

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