Thursday 26th July

Did loads of cycling and walking all day.

1/1 2/2 3/3 4/4 5/5 6/6 7/7 8/8 9/9 10/10
Bench push-ups/Bench dips

1/2 2/4 3/6 4/8 5/10
Pull-ups/diamond push-ups

Leg raises on P-bars

5 x pull-overs (still can’t rep – booo)

5 x dynamic pull-ups (finally feeling like I’m getting somewhere with these)

5ish x Russian dip practise – pushing up from very low position then dropping back so arms flat on bar (these rip up my chest muscles like nothing else!)

10 x pull-ups with 10s lowering phase (used the round timer app so no cheating)

10 x narrow push-ups with 3s hold at top and 3s hold at bottom

Took it fairly easy as I’m up at Primrose on Saturday for a big session

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