FriMonday Inspiration: Grrrl power

Perhaps the end of the Olympics contributed to girls going out and doing kick-ass things over the weekend, because today all of these appeared on my Facebook wall.

First up is the awesomely strong Adrienne of GiryaGirl doing a one-arm L-sit hold:

Of course, I had to try so when we took my little niece to the local playground I tried a one-armed hold… and promptly realised that my hands are puny and weak and my grip not as good as I thought it was :) Something to work on over the coming weeks, then I will see whether my shoulders are strong enough to actually keep me straight :)

Next up is a picture of Alexia from Barstarzz doing a back lever with some dude hanging off her. Need I say more?!

Finally, the most impressive of the three – a girl called Vanessa from Colorado doing the Bar Monsters requirements:

7 muscle-ups
25 dips
10 wide pull-ups
25 push-ups
10 leg raises
and 7 muscle-ups, all in under 5 minutes.

I won’t comment on the requirements (I train with the Bar-barians – that’s all I will say ;) but I will comment on her form, which isn’t perfect (needs to lock-out on those push-ups for starters!), BUT she is epically strong. Not only does she have the best girl MU’s I’ve seen, but her stamina is clearly pretty awesome too. Her shoulders are actually kind of frightening – hoping mine don’t have to be that big before I can do MU’s like that, as I’ve already had to endure my sister repeatedly asking me if she can touch my arms over the weekend, and also my cousin referring to them as “guns”!

Anyhow, three amazing examples of strong women to get your week started :)

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