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Some recent news and blog posts. Intended to do this way more regularly, but find that I read so much that if I don’t bookmark it then it just floats off back into the ether of the internet. The interether, if you like.

Binge drinkers to watch video of themselves
Drunk people who go to a health centre set up in Cardiff to take the pressure off A&E on weekends will be filmed, and then given the chance to watch the film when they’re sober. One way to get people to look at their behaviour

People, We’ve Got to Stop Icing. We Were Wrong, Sooo Wrong
Post on the excellent MobilityWOD blog about icing. Do you ice if you’re injured? Personally I don’t – it seems wrong to make the muscle contract with all that cold. I normally apply heat, whatever the injury, and use things like Tiger Balm along with myofascial work and rest.

Obesity may speed up mental decline
Hmm, that old cliche of fat stupid people?

The recipe for happiness – An enduring marriage and an affair with lots of sex
One of the things that struck me when I was living in Japan was their attitude to extra-marital sex. Although the institution of marriage, family and a conventional home-life is seen as very important, affairs are rife. At the time I found it very strange, so different as it is to the views on affairs here (the word “illicit” springs to mind), but as time goes on I do wonder whether there’s something in it.

Eating egg yolks is as ‘bad as smoking’ in speeding up coronary heart disease
A story in the Daily Mail reporting on a study that indicated that eating egg yolks is comparable to smoking since it increases hardening of the arteries.

Luckily this ridiculous and poorly-conducted to piece of “research” has been ripped apart on various blogs.

Western States 100 – Low carber wins ultramarathon
Interesting piece about some research being done into people who run ultra-marathons (in this case 100 miles) who follow a low-carb diet. It is possible to switch from being a carb-burner to “fat burner”, and to use stored body fat for energy, rather than carbohydrates eaten before and during a race. Something that I will probably write about at some point in the future.

And a silly one to end with…

‘Naked rambler’ ordered to see psychiatrist after refusing to wear clothes
Man who has been convicted 18 times for daring to wear what he came into this world in is told he’ll be locked up if he doesn’t see a shrink. Cannot find the words to express my disbelief.

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