Saturday 18th August

Awesome hot day up at Primrose. Getting ripped and getting a tan – life doesn’t get much better ;)

Quick warm-up:
2/4/6/8 bench push-ups and bench dips
Joint mobility stuff

5 sets of pull-ups (Day 3 of the cycle):
5, 5, 7, 5, max (7)
Pretty good – still feeling ok.

4 super sets of:
5 x Russian dips
10 x L-sit kick-outs
10 x straight bar dips

5 sets of:
7s tuck front lever hold -> 5s skin the cat -> 5s tuck back lever hold

5 sets of 20 push-ups (mix of normal and narrow). Last set had Migs adding in an extra static hold at the low, then some plank on the last rep. Killer.

3 x false-grip pull-ups (getting easier, but still really fu*king hard)

3 sets of 5 explosive pull-ups (realising I should get onto doing these a) more and b) not at the end of a session).

Finished off with 10 chin-ups (in a row – PB – woo!) and 20 push-ups.

Wow, writing that down I realise it was a much bigger session than normal. What Saturdays are for :)

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