Saturday 25th August

Decided to go to the gym today for a change. Just didn’t feel like going to Primrose – bad nights sleep and quite tired generally, plus had to be somewhere at 2pm, so limited time.

1km run @ 11km//h
Joint mobility

5 sets:
6 , 6, 9, 6, 9 (supposed to hit 10 max but couldn’t – no drama)
That was the last session before max reps test on Tuesday. Excited

3 x super sets:
10 x straight bar dips
20 x push-ups (narrow)
20 x pistols (5/5 each leg)

3 x super sets:
7 x HLRs
5 x L-sit chin-ups

5 x super sets:
20 high kicks (10 with each leg)
10 x roll-outs with ab wheel (5 from standing, 5 kneeling)
10 x swiss ball pikes

(With the exception of HLRs and L-sit kick-outs, those ab wheel and swiss ball pikes have been the only ab-specific work I’ve done in the past few months)

Stretching, quick session in the steam room.

Was weird being back at the gym, and only confirmed that the decision to freeze my membership was a good idea (actually I extended that freeze till the end of October). It was hot and stuffy and all the stuff that was broken before I stopped going is in exactly the same state.

Gotta say though that it was quite cool going back and being much stronger. Had to do my pull-ups on the rack in the weights room, which I had previously never set foot in, as they were moving/replacing some equipment. Pretty much ended up with an audience, and guys telling me I had the women’s record for pull-ups there. Kept getting asked lots about my training, what sport I do (“just this”), what muscles straight bar dips work (not really sure!) etc. Kinda cool, especially surrounded by meatheads doing bicep curls.

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