Small steps, and lots of them

When trying to reach a big goal, it’s much easier to get there by taking lots of smaller steps. I spend quite a bit of time thinking about how to get where I want to be in my training, and the best way to get there. This basically involves identifying the weak points and choosing exercises that will help eliminate them. At this weekend’s Saturday session at Primrose a few of us spent some time talking about our goals, the progress we’ve made towards them and the steps we took to get there (of course this was interspersed with actual training and practise :) Toga is learning to do a planche, and showed some video of him last year. He’s made massive progress now and his holds are looking solid. Luigi is much earlier on in that stage, and doing a solid tuck planche on the p-bars.

As part of the progression towards doing a muscle up I decided that I should learn to do Russian Dips. One area of weakness for me is strength in my shoulders when my arms are in a high bent position behind me (pull your arms back, so your hands are close to your shoulders and your elbows pushed back behind you – a bit like a chicken – and you’ll get the idea).

Up until Saturday I’d only ever practised the separate bits of this – static holds in the low position, pushing up from there, and trying to rock back onto my forearms. It felt like I needed time for my ligaments and tendons to strengthen enough for my shoulders not to pop out of their sockets, so I’ve been taking it fairly slowly and just gradually building up strength.

Anyhow, since I felt warmed up and rested I thought I’d have a go at putting those bits together, and for some reason (I guess exactly because I had taken it slowly, was warmed up and rested) it went remarkably well. The video below is actually of my third set – I figured I should ask one of the guys to record it for me.

The next bits of progress will see me trying to eliminate that crazy-ass kicking and the angled body position :)

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