The good, the bad and the outright bullshit


There are a few things that make me rant… One of them is being asked if I’m a BodyRocker*, and another is misinformation and straight-up bullsh*t spread about nutrition and food by so-called professionals.

I just finished watching a documentary called Horizon which looked at caloric restriction (CR) and intermittent fasting (IF). In many ways it wasn’t a bad programme at all, and managed to introduce two fairly advanced dietary concepts, explain the physiology behind them and package them up into a neat little concept for the average person to understand.

If you’re in the UK, you can watch it on iPlayer, otherwise there’s an article in The Telegraph by the programme’s “star”, Dr Michael Mosely, about the IF diet he settled on to test, in which you fast for two days a week and eat normally for the other five.

The thing that annoyed me about the show was that both CR and IF were sold as “game-changing” and “new” diets, and ones about which scientists were only just starting to research the impact they could have on human health. This is complete nonsense, and for me undermined the rest of what the programme had to say, however well-researched (and well-intentioned) it was. I know TV is sensationalised, but when it’s done in a way to make it sound like they (especially the BBC) have just uncovered some brand new and totally revolutionary diet, it’s really grating.

I have a friend, Rachel, who did a three year nutritional therapy degree. Since I am into advanced diets and sports nutrition I used to (and still do, occasionally) send her articles that I found interesting. I’ve known about CR for years, and remembered an article I’d sent to Rachel about it. Searching my GMail revealed the article I had in mind, which was published in 2006. After reading it at the time I was pretty blown away by the concept, and did lots more reading on CR, and read some research, later confirmed by Rachel after what she was taught at college, which stated that it is the only diet to be scientifically proven to increase longevity in humans. Whilst searching for that story, I found another email in which I’d sent her an article by Time Ferris, contrasting both IF and CR, which was published in 2008.

Anyhow, like I said – the content of the show is good and it’s worth a watch. Hell, it’s worth torrenting if you’re not in the UK. I just had to rant about the BBC using such flagrant lies to make it all sound news and ground-breaking, just to boost ratings. That is all – rant over :)

* Bodyrock is a fitness “concept” headed by an ex-porn star. Whilst she is ripped and obviously trains hard (and doesn’t eat much), all the videos posted on YouTube are filmed like porn movies, with lots of swooping close-ups on her ass and tits, whilst she grunts, groans and heavy breathes her way through the exercises. They’re basically fitness videos for fat men who want to sit at their computer and masturbate. Once someone asked me if I was a Bodyrocker. That was a funny conversation :)

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