Thursday 23rd August

Primrose Hill.

2 bench push-ups
2 bench dips
2 burpees
Then: 4/6/8/10/8/6/4/2 of each
(Total of 50 of each)

Day 5 of 50PU:

5 sets:
6, 6, 9, 6, max (8)
Went ok. Given that my max was 9 before, and I did that in the third set, I’m pretty confident that in my max test next week I will smash 10. Then I’m going to give the 50PU program a rest for a bit and focus on explosive pull-ups and power-generation for the MU (after I post a video of me hitting 10+ pull ups on my blog of course ;)

3 sets:
– 5 x L-sit kick out, 5 x leg raises (p-bars), done alternately
– 10 x straight bar dips
– 20s L-sit hold
– 10 x diamond push-ups

3 sets of 3 x skin the cat (rings)

Think I’m going to review my program after my max reps test, and make it more focussed on getting that elusive MU. At the moment I’m doing the 50PU program first, but want to switch to have a better warm-up then go straight into explosive pulls, with deep straight bar dips, false grip pulls and some Russian dips. Will probably do that for a month then review again.

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