Tuesday 14th August

Started off quite a physical day with an hour at the driving range with my parents. I don’t play golf but would quite like to one day – the idea of going on a big walk interspersed with hitting things sounds pretty cool. Anyhow, my swing is quite good and it was fun to smack loads of balls as far as I could  It also annoyed Mum, who’s having lessons but can’t really get the hang of the swing (mostly because she doesn’t understand the idea that moving your head and wobbling your hips kills your power).

Anyhow, after getting back to London and fortifying myself with some peanut butter, I decided it was time to hit the tabata burpees.

I really should’ve warmed up – although the cardio just got worse and worse, my legs took a while to get warmed up, but by the last set actually felt ok. Was definitely out of breath by the last set though!

Then I cycled 10km up to Kennington and did:

Sets of pull-ups:
3, 3, 5, 3, max (6)
After hearing about Chris’ sucess with the 50 Pull=ups program I’ve decided to do a cycle and see how it goes.
This is the program I’ll be following.

3 x 25s L-sit holds
3 x 30s tuck-planch holds
(both on P-bars)

3 x 5 leg raises (all the above had basically rendered me incapable of doing these)

3 x 10 straight bar dips (trying to get as low as possible)

Tuck front lever hold
Skin the cat
5 x L-sit chins
Various other things (met some people and got chatting and messed about with a few things)

10km cycle ride home.

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