Friday 14th September

Realised it’s been a bit of a quiet week on the training front for me. Going to Primrose on Sunday for a killer session impacted my recovery and therefore training days for the rest of the week, plus a bout of insomnia wiped out another day.

Got my usual 6.5km run in, but it just felt like a really struggle all the way round. Even dropped a few hundred metres coz I just wanted to get home, but of course I managed to sprint back down my street so I think that it was partly in my head. Although I did have some weird muscle pains, including cramp in my right forearm and bicep – weird. Wonder if it’s related to the low carb-ing.

Macros for today are insane:
Calories 2,084 (supposedly 420 of which were burnt by the run)
33 carbs
173 fat
104 protein

I’ve been low carbing (aiming for under 25g) for four days and lost 1.6kg. Don’t think any of that would’ve been water as I was already only on about 60g beforehand.

I’m hoping that today’s crappy run was just a remnant of insomnia-related poor recovery, and not anything to do with the dietary shift. Guess we will see tomorrow…

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