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Been a while since my last round-up so you might have seen some of these, but I think they’re still interesting enough to share.

Could the ‘truth’ about fat be rendered obsolete?
Something I’m very passionate about – the fact that fat is healthy and that traditional low-fat wholegrain-based diets are actually really bad for you. If you only read one thing in this post, make it this.

Many ‘low fat’ foods have similar calorie count to standard products, study finds
Manufacturers replace fat in foods with sugar *shocker*! Take-away: eat real food.

Turns out that calorie restricted diets may not extend life after all. More research definitely needed.
Guardian: Calorie restriction doesn’t slow ageing, monkey study suggests
Wired: Restricted calorie diets give puzzling results in monkeys

The Hidden Truths about Calories
Finally this issue is getting some attention. Not all foods are processed and absorbed by the body in the same way, so traditional calorie count calculations could be wrong. Also they don’t take account of cooked vs. raw foods.

Is Long-Term Weight Loss Possible After Menopause?
Study on how to achieve sustainable weight-loss after menopause. Take away: eat more fruit ad vegetable, less cheese and fewer desserts.

For sleep’s sake have a screen break before bed
Using devices with electronic displays can suppress melatonin production and affect sleep.

[Edit – I couldn’t remember the name of this app when I posted yesterday, but coincidentally I was just listening to a podcast in which they mentioned it. There is an app for all platforms called f.lux that dims the screen and slightly changes the frequency of the light it emits in the evening, thus lessening the likelihood of your sleep being disrupted by backlit screens.]

Insomnia: relax… and stop worrying about lack of sleep
Probably the best advice on insomnia – relax and stop worrying! (I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets stuck in the “I’m tired. But I can’t sleep. Why can’t I sleep? I’m so tired!” loop)

How Uncertainty Makes It Hard to Do What You Should Do
Making decisions and sticking to them makes life easier and less stressful (at this point I wish it would be appropriate to “tag” people in these blog posts to make sure they read them ;) )

Why do we procrastinate and how do we beat it?
I’m gonna read this, later…

After 2012 women take one step forward, two steps back
So true. Strong women challenge the status quo. Nothing’s changed, despite having more awesome female role models.

Shouldn’t laugh…
Drunk man crushed to death by 40kg weightlifting bar in garage gym

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