Max reps

Normally I design my own training routines, rather than following ones in books or websites, but a friend who had just started bodyweight training reported really good success with the program, which got him from 0 to 11 in six weeks. I thought I’d give it a try for one cycle, so did a max rep test to determine my level (getting nine, meaning I followed this routine) and followed it exactly as they set out.

At the end of August I’d finished the cycle and did the max reps test, getting 11. I was pretty happy with that, and actually probably could’ve squeezed out another one if I wasn’t so lazy. The form isn’t great – feet aren’t together, and I’m not locking out properly – but I thought I would post it here after it seemed to get a good reception on Facebook (it got shared by loads of groups, which was quite unexpected) and some nice comments on YouTube,my favourite my far being “fiona for president. that’s what’s up.” :D


Actually, apart from being able to see my form, it was pretty damn cool to see my back. Someone told me they thought it was one of my best features and I was like “er, right, ok” *shoots strange look*, but when I saw this… holy crap! I couldn’t believe it! Mad.

Anyhow, I’m working through the same cycle again but being even stricter with form – making sure my feet are together and also using the slightly scary high bar to make sure I lock out. I’ll shoot another video when they’re perfect ;)

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