Monday 17th September

So my Tuesday plans got cancelled which has meant shuffling round training/rest days, so this was really a rest day, but…

Messed around with some tabata’s:

One set of tabata jumping jacks
Verdict: hard on the calves

One set of tabata pistol squats
Verdict: too easy

One attempted set of tabata squat jumps
Result: did two rounds and gave up
Might try again but accept that the tuck element won’t last beyond a few sets!

Also did a load of stretches from Pavel’s “Relax Into Stretch” since I think learning to do the splits would be pretty damn cool.

In other news, this whole keto diet thing is f-ing awesome. Still not sleeping great but not sure if that’s the diet or just me. But the high fat thing is working well for me – feel energised, look lean, and I get to eat things like a meal of chicken, cheese and avocado. Yum.

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