Saturday 15th September

Started the day off with some fingertip L-sit holds as a result of a challenge laid down by my friend Aleks.

Then headed off for the usual Saturday up at Primrose. Sunny again – yay. You never know when they’ll be the last rays of the year now, so good to take advantage

Started with a load of MU training whilst I was fresh. Got good hight, but still thinking I need to be a little bit higher to have the confidence to get an arm (or two…!) over. Mainly just focussed on the timing of the swing and kip. Not worried about it – there’s no rush and I know it’s partly a matter of having the confidence to go for it, which will come with more practise.

Messed around with a few things – more tucked levers, some Russian Dips (turns out MU’s cane your shoulders leaving you virtually incapable of doing these!), dips. There was a guy there with insane muscles but actually quite weak – couldn’t even come close to getting an L-sit, couldn’t pull himself up into anything that resembled a tuck planche position. Always surprises me to see people who look so strong but actually aren’t in any functional way. Of course I had to do some showing off with my holds and L-sit kick outs  Messed around on the p-bars trying to do some jumps over the side but not sure I have the dynamic strength (or the balls) for those.

We all had a nice stretching session afterwards, and Ify taught me how to do a kip-up, which I will try and do when I’m feeling fresh.

WRT to the diet, after another night of bad insomnia I decided to do an evening re-carb, so went to my favourite local vegetarian South Indian restaurant where they do an awesome buffet, and ate as much rice, potatoes and lentils as I could force down. Must’ve been about 400g of carbs. Hoping that will re-fill muscle glycogen and allow me to train hard and sleep well again. Back on keto-style diet again now. Want to stick with it as my energy has otherwise been pretty good, and if I can sort out the sleeping thing I’ll be pretty happy with it.

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